Benefits of Shilajit Capsules for Women

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Shilajit is effective herbo-mineral compound has been used for centuries to treat various health as well as sexual problems in men and women. Shilajit is nothing but actually a herbo-mineral amalgam which is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains. The reason for its production or creation is due to continental drifts, as in some foliage got buried in the range of Himalaya, which is now being extracted in the form of Mineral Pitch more often known as Shilajit. Due to strong and high temperature in the summers, it eventually oozes out from the cracks present on the rocks and boulders. Shilajit is a term that is heard by laymen too, reason being its effective nature and instant cure of various physical problems that human race goes through in the course of life.

Shilajit is uniformly advantageous to men as well as women. Shilajit has clinically as well as individually proven its worth. It improvises common encumbrances in females and provides potency and stamina. Women who undergo or get diagnosed with blood glucose mid-levels or diabetes, shilajit has made great impact for betterment in such females. It is also useful in weak bone problems and can hand out as a powerful supplement of calcium. Hence it is used in calcium insufficiency which is very necessary in women’s life for she has to work hard mentally as well as physically throughout her life. Shilajit is available in capsule form, especially here on planet ayurveda, in purest and most refined of its forms. Shilajit capsules supply natural stamina and power to the women who sports-persons or athletes. It works exceptionally well for working women as well as house mistresses as this particular herbo-mineral compound is very very helpful in providing them competence to put up with various arduous levels. It provides physical stamina to cope up with stressful working hours specially for women as they are the power house of any family, any organization.

Shilajit for women, shilajit capsules

Over various years of research and tests it has also been proven that Shilajit capsules help thwart aging progression and obviously women suffer this too. Whether it is about the physical strength or skin aging problems, shilajit capsules have shown their benefits in both the problems. It is caring in pressing up the wrinkles that look as premature aging. Shilajit is functional in mitigating from pre-menstrual syndromes and is used to keep the strength of bones by preserving its density that eventually decreases with the natural and regular aging process. It has also helped in curing menstrual problems and is beneficial in maintaining normal menstrual cycles in women. Shilajit capsules help in stimulating female reproductive system, gives increased potency and vitality for even improved sexual pleasure in women who feel disheartened or disinterested in their sexual lives.

Benefits of Shilajit for women-

  • It can be used as a revitalizer and normal health tonic
  • It enhances the immune system
  • It rejuvenates body cells and muscles
  • It is extremely nutritious and can be taken as an antioxidant too
  • It is anti-asthmatic
  • It is anti-allergen
  • It is an anti-stress agent
  • It improves performance of the heart
  • It enhances lovemaking or sexual life
  • It reduces general weakness

Shilajit is advantageous in different health problems like:

  • anaemia
  • excessive thirst
  • asthma
  • anorexia nervosa
  • blood impurities
  • bronchitis
  • kidney stone
  • diabetes mellitus
  • fatigue
  • general debility
  • Acidity
  • Constipation or piles
  • epilepsy
  • hysteria
  • indigestion
  • jaundice
  • nervous
  • obesity
  • low immunity
  • sexual weakness
  • sexual neurasthenia,
  • tuberculosis
  • urinary tract infections

The only thing to be kept in mind is females who are pregnant should first consult their respective doctors before taking Shilajit.



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  3. Thank you for this article, it is both interesting and informative. I`ve tried Planet Ayurveda shilajit capsules and i really appreciated its positive properties. But anyway i would like to recommend to use raw shilajit. For example I use pure himalayan shilajit for about several months and it is absolutely great.

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