What are the Amazing Benefits of Shilajit Capsules?

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Shilajit, found in the Himalayan mountain range in India is an herbal-mineral herb that seeps out the cracks in the mountains, usually in the summer season. Shilajit is basically an oxygenated hydrocarbon of many types, which is why it is purely black in color. Its melting point is supposed to be between 90 to 1000 degrees and it is said to burn with a bright flame. It is also soluble in the turpentine oil.

Shilajit Helps to Cure Arthritis and Cholesterol

Shilajit is a powerful anti-oxidant and this quality is beneficial to arthritis patients. It helps them by decreasing the pain and the feeling of inflammation of their joints. Shilajit capsules benefit people suffering from high levels of cholesterol by lowering the serum cholesterol, liver cholesterol, serum triglycerides and serum phospholipids. Hence, those suffering from cholesterol and arthritis can hugely be benefitted from taking these capsules.

Shilajit Increases Libido

Shilajit is rich in iron, which helps the body to maintain its normal functions and also enhances the immunity system of the body. It is also known to improve the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids within the body, which in turn produces the energy required to increase the libido. Shilajit has often been termed as ‘Indian Viagra’. So, men suffering from weak libidos can definitely enjoy the benefits of these capsules.

Shilajit Helps to Cure Diabetes and Anemia

It has been said that people suffering from diabetes and anemia have hugely been benefitted from taking these capsules. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is known to have been used as a means of controlling the levels of blood sugar and thereby, treating diabetes. For people suffering from anemia, Shilajit is useful since it is made of several minerals, especially iron and fulvic acids, which are helpful in increasing the red blood cell count in the body. This aids in preventing anemia. Thus, these are some of the benefits of Shilajit capsules.

Anti-ageing Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit comprises several types of substances and ingredients. Out of theses, fulvic acids and minerals having a high concentration of ionic substances are needed for preventing ageing. These substances are useful in increasing the body’s metabolic rate while also penetrating the cell walls to carry the minerals into the cells. This, in turn, helps in slowing down the process of ageing and for this reason the benefits of Shilajit capsules also include anti-ageing.

More Benefits of Shilajit Capsules

Some more benefits of Shilajit capsules are as follows:

  1. It is excellent for diabetic neuropathy.
  2. It increases muscle strength.
  3. It is a powerful anti-oxidant therefore removes toxins out and clears the channels.
  4. It is a potent anti-stress agent so suggested in mental disorders also.
  5. It improves the functions of the liver.
  6. It is helpful for those suffering from asthma.
  7. It is an effective adaptogenic agent.

Side Effects of Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit is a natural substance and has no side effects, still one should consult an expert before taking it. These are highly beneficial for treating the various ailments. The benefits of Shilajit capsules are countless and far-reaching. A wide range of people gets benefitted from the benefits of these capsules. People suffering from various types of arthritis, which include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis are extremely benefitted from the intake of these capsules. These have made the capsules highly popular among today’s generation.

Why Planet Ayurveda’s Shilajit Capsules are the Best?

These Shilajit capsules are manufactured from 100 percent pure extracts of shilajit after purification, obtained from the Himalayas. These are rich in fulvic acid, which is the main cause of the popularity of these capsules. Planet Ayurveda packs these capsules in the shell of the vegetarian capsules, which are free of chemicals and preservatives. These capsules are manufactured in the GMP certified factory of the world. They are not blended with any chemicals or filler materials and are of extremely good export quality.



No side effects! Free Shipping and Handling Worldwide!

Quantity – Per bottle contains 60 capsules

Dosage and How to Take – Each Shilajit capsule contains 500 mg and the recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily. So, 1 capsule twice daily, 1/2 hr. after meals is recommended.


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