Shilajit for Diabetes

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Shilajit is an herbomineral formulation, which is highly effective in the field of Ayurveda. It is a herbo-mineral compound. It is found in the ranges of the Himalayas. This organic substance is black in color. It has many medicinal properties, which treat several complications very easily.


Diabetes is a serious health concern. This disease is gaining its popularity with the advancement of time. The major factors contributing to the occurrence of diabetes are due to abnormality in the insulin production in the body, anxiety, stress and fear. Numbness, weight loss, shivering and discomfort are the important symptoms of this disease.

Shilajit – The Ayurvedic Panacea

The major ingredients of this herbo-mineral organic compound play an important role in treating diabetes effectively. It contains lipids, small peptides, dibenzo pyrones, carrier molecules and other chemical substances. A lot of people in this world are hugely dependent on the medicines and insulin injections. To avoid these, Shilajit is highly beneficial. It serves as a wonderful natural remedy for diabetes.

Properties of Shilajit to Treat Diabetes

Shilajit has a lot of medicinal and healing properties. These are highly effective for treating diabetes. Following are the major properties of Shilajit.

  1. Shilajit has anti-diabetic property.
  2. It acts as a rejuvenator of the body. This imparts strength and stamina to the body.
  3. It has the ability to bring improvement in the functioning of the pancreas. This helps to maintain a balance in the production of the insulin hormone in the body. This is very essential for the metabolism of the glucose and its production.
  4. It also helps in expelling out the toxic substances from the body in the form of urine.
  5. It maintains the level of blood sugar in the body. It carries the sugar in the blood in the various resistant cells. This helps to treat diabetes and rejuvenates the nervous system of the body as well.
  6. It helps to reduce the high blood pressure of the individuals.
  7. It also possesses anti-oxidating and anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. It acts as a panacea. It does not allow the sugar to accumulate in any part of the body or inn the bloodstream. This helps to improve the quality of the blood and maintain a healthy circulatory system. It is widely used for the treatment of diabetes.
  9. It helps to maintain the immune system of the individuals and maintain the stamina of the patients suffering from diabetes.
  10. It provides nourishment to each and every cell of the body. It acts as a wonderful treatment for diabetes mellitus.
  11. It helps to remove stress and anxiety and enhance the mental well-being of the patients.
  12. The best part of Shilajit is that it can be used along with the other medicines and ongoing treatments. It does not have any side effect. Instead, it helps to remove the side effects of those treatments effectively.
  13. Shilajit helps in the functioning of the liver, which is important to maintain the metabolism of the body effectively.

These healing properties of Shilajit capsules help a diabetic patient lead a healthy life and get cured from the severe complications.



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Daily 500 mg once a day of Shilajit must be consumed with milk or water. Person may also advised to have for two times a day!

Thus, if a patient wants to get relief from the severity of diabetes, it is highly advised to take Shilajit capsules keeping in mind the proper dosage and amount to be consumed. It is guaranteed that the patient can fight away the various symptoms of diabetes and the disease itself from the roots within a significant period of time.


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