How Shilajit is Useful in Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder, which is becoming popular these days. It has serious health consequences on the individuals. The abnormal production and functioning of the insulin hormone in the body lead to the abnormal metabolism of glucose. And, this in turn, leads to the occurrence of the Diabetes in individuals. The diabetic patient suffers through a lot of other physiological complications as well. Weight loss, numbness, polyphagia are some of the major symptoms of patients suffering from Diabetes.


ShilajitTo provide relief to this diabetic condition, Shilajit plays a tremendous role. Shilajit is a herbo mineral compound. This is located in the Himalayas. It is an organic compound, which has several important constituents. Fulvic acid is the major constituent of Shilajit. It also has small peptides, lipids, pyrones and other chemicals. This black colored chemical substance is extremely effective in treating diabetes away.

Many patients take the help of the insulin injections. These do not provide a permanent solution. A regular intake of the Shilajit capsules is highly effective to give relief from diabetes. Shilajit provides a superb herbal remedy to the diabetic patients.

Medicinal Properties of Shilajit to Treat Diabetes

Shilajit contains many healing characteristics. Following are some of the essential ones, which help in the treatment of this dangerous metabolic disorder effectively.

Shilajit helps in rejuvenating the cells of the body. It possesses anti-diabetic, anti-oxidating, anti-inflammatory and healing characteristics. It helps in carrying out the metabolism of glucose in the body properly. This helps to treat diabetes considerably.

Shilajit capsules help to build the strength and stamina. It increases the level of endurance to a huge extent. It eliminates depression, anxiety, stress and tension. It helps to maintain a stable mental state of the individuals. It nourishes the body right from the cellular level. Thus, this helps in an efficient treatment of diabetes mellitus.



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Shilajit helps in maintaining the functioning of the pancreas. This balances the secretion of the insulin hormone by the pancreas. It also maintains the functioning of the liver. Thus, the body’s total metabolism is well treated with the help of these Shilajit capsules and its ingredients. It excretes out harmful materials from the body of the individuals. This is excreted in the form of urine.

The sugar is carried in the blood in the body. This helps in maintaining an efficient cardio-vascular system as well. Shilajit has a tremendous role in maintaining the body’s immunity power. Also, it prevents the accumulation of sugar in the blood of the individuals.

The major important point of the Shilajit capsules is that it can be easily consumed with the other ongoing treatments and medicines. It helps in getting rid of the various side effects of the several treatments. It does not have any side effect of its own. This is because; it is purely vegetarian, natural and pure.

Thus, these properties are highly efficient in treating diabetes effectively. The diabetic patient gets tremendous relief from the severe complications, symptoms and other problems of the disorder.

Dose to be Consumed

Shilajit must be consumed daily. Approximate dose is about 300 milligrams in the beginning. It can later be increased to 500 milligrams gradually. However, Shilajit must always be consumed by first diluting the same with water. Also, it must be observed that whether the body is showing any serious side effect. If so, the dosage of the Shilajit must be reduced immediately. If that is not the case, the dosage of Shilajit may be increased on a gradual basis. Also, you need to have a look on the water consumption while taking Shilajit.

So, if you are suffering from diabetes, Shilajit is one of the best herbal formulations, which will provide relief. You can get rid of the symptoms and lead a healthy life.

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