Shilajit Capsules for Erectile dysfunction Natural treatment

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erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is known as common parlance which is impotence. It basically means is that a person is unable to inability to get and maintain the level of erection which is necessary for a person to have satisfaction in sexual intercourse. This is very common condition and affects a large number of men aged over forty. Though it’s not a life threatening condition but it may turn into and can have a major and effective impact on quality of life. It is very important for the patients they should be properly diagnosed and investigated for physical and psychological conditions before its been diagnosed.

Erectile dysfunction has several causes. They are physical and psychological dysfunction. Physical causes which is a narrowing of blood vessels of penis due to high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes.  Surgical or traumatic injury of penis or hormonal problems may also cause erectile dysfunction.  Psychological causes which are depression and problems in the relationships can cause impotence of erectile dysfunction in men. Risk factors of erectile dysfunction are obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, lack of exercises, suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome which is found at the time of this problem.

We can find many herbal medicines in the market especially with the anti aging Products, but shilajit is the best for the erectile dysfunction natural treatment, which u can find in the Planet Ayurveda Shilajit capsules which has a special age reversing effect. The best part is if you looking for quality Shilajit, then it can be found in Himalayan region. Shilajit is like a micro nutrient which is the best for anti aging product. Shilajit has its own roots in ayurveda which is one of the ancient treatments for erectile dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction natural treatment

One of the natural medicines to make it cure. Shilajit for erectile dysfunction natural treatment that is shilajit means in Sanskrit- Rock and strong like a rock , which actually delay the degeneration of a body. Lot of research has been performed on Shilajit to make it more effective and beneficial especially in males and in female. It is possible when it is rich in micronutrients, micro-minerals. Almost 85 micro minerals can be seen in this nature’s best anti aging substance. For stimulant and aphrodisiac sexual, it is generally used by the men. Shilajit capsules are effective in men as females because it do not cause any hormonal imbalance rather it replenish the whole system which improves stamina and strength.



No side effects! Free Shipping and Handling Worldwide!

Quantity – Per bottle contains 60 capsules

Dosage and How to Take – Each Shilajit capsule contains 500 mg and the recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily. So, 1 capsule twice daily, 1/2 hr. after meals is recommended.

Shilajit is so natural and effective that through this medicine you can cure not only dysfunction in erectical but also prostate enlargement, ovarian cysts, dysfunctional uterine  bleeding, prostate cancer or benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH obstruction in the urinary tract, Cancers of various kind of weakness due to diabetes, diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy and other complications. Urinary tract infections, kidney failure, polycystic kidneys, nephropathy Heart attacks prevention and treatment, arterial blockages, ageing hair loss, premature graying impotence, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count.


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