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Shilajit known as a blackish-brown powder which exudates especially from mid Himalayans range between India and Nepal. In India, Shilajit is abundantly obtained in the Himalayas region basically remains of plant embedded in the rocks. People get highly benefited by the use of shilajit as medicine. It is a phytocomplex very rich in fulvic acid. The researchers hypothesize that Shilajit is produced by the decomposition of plant material from species.


Shilajit is composed mainly of humic substances, including fulvic acid. Shilajit is one of the wonder medicines of Ayurveda. It account for around 60% to 80% of the total nutraceutical compound and selenium of anti-aging properties. Its main components which based on properties of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is known by its properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and memory enhancer. It is because of   fulvic acid which makes shilajit as a potential anti-Alzheimer’s disease. Shilajit has been worldwide recognized as the most powerful herbal medicine to make our body healthy. Basically it is the most potent rejuvenator and anti aging medicine. Anti oxidant property of Shilajit slows down the aging process and the person looks youthful & energetic for a longer period. It potentially able to prevent several diseases also but its main medical application now appears to come from its actions in benefit of cognition and potentially as a dietary supplement to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. According to Ayurveda, most of the diseases can be cured by treatment with Shilajit. It also consider as the king of herbs in ayurdeva. Shilajeet is nutritional and great herbal content has novel energetic properties.  Shilajit contains certain types of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, carotenoids, metal ions and fulvic acid which help in the reproductive function also.

Shilajit can increase physical strength, energy and stamina of the body. It increases sperm count in men and regulates sex hormones. It is thought to be a sexual enhancer. Shilajit can strengthen the nervous system and help in stress, mental fatigue, epilepsy, anxiety and depression also. It can also promote better concentration and also increase learning ability and enhance memory.



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Benefits of Shilajit:

  • Shows unique improvement in all human body systems.
  • Reduces the stress from internal organs.
  • Maintain metabolism of body.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Revitalizes male reproductive organs.
  • Balance the body system.
  • Has Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Treating arthritis and joint pains.
  • Cure the Kidney related disorders.
  • Improves the functioning of liver.
  • Prevent acne problems as it is anti microbial and blood purifier.
  • Control obesity and acts as superb fat burner.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Protect heart from damage.
  • Has got Anti-aging properties.
  • Strengthens to the bones.
  • Treating sex related problems.
  • Has got healing properties.
  • Amplifies total sperm count.
  • It’s also Immunomodulatory in nature.
  • Sharpens the memory.
  • Help in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Acts as Anti cancerous.
  • Helps in production of insulin and acts as best medicine for diabetic patient.
  • Boosts energy level.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue.
  • Treats anxiety and depression.
  • For better powers of concentration.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Treats gastritis, constipation and indigestion.
  • Protect the liver and pancreas.
  • Protect and maintain the thyroid gland.
  • Good for proper enzyme secretion.
  • Has got Anti-microbial properties.
  • Increases physical strength and endurance.
  • Treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Treats urinary problems and kidney stones.
  • Detoxifies the body and removes toxins.
  • Treats anemia.
  • Treats ulcers.

Precautions and Side Effects:

    • Children, pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid shilajit.
    • Pitta prakriti must take shilajit preparations under the guidance of physician.

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Shilajit Capsules as Best Energy Boosting Natural Supplement

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Shilajit is a Sanskrit term that means “rock invincible”. It is considered a traditional rock in ayurvedic tradition and is famous for having a lot of health benefits. It is found in the mountainous region of Asia. It is a sticky tar like resin substance that oozes from the mountainous region during summer seasons. It is formed over the centuries of decompositions of plants and due to the lifecycle of unique microorganisms. Since it takes centuries to form Shilajit, it is considered the millenary product of the nature.

best energy boosting natural supplement

Let’s briefly look at the various component of Shilajit and found out the reason for why it is considered the millenary product of the nature.

  1. Shilajit is a phytocomplex which contains 85% in their iconic form. It also includes triterpenses, selenium, phospholipids, humic acid and fulvic acid. These all minerals give shilajit an energy enhancing effect.
  2. The fulvic acid that it contains has the anti aging properties. It is also water soluble and acts as a potent anti oxidant.
  3. Many studies have proven that anti oxidant properties of Shilajit is comparatively more than many fruits that are touted of their anti oxidant properties.
  4. Shilajit herb has also got cultural significance. It is consumed with the fermented raw milk in the regions of Nepal, Pakistan and Northern India. The people who consume Shilajit in this region are renowned for their extremely old age and good health. These people rarely have any age related diseases.
  5. Shilajit is considered to be a general restorative tonic. It works as an illness fighting agent and helps in a great deal to maintain good health.
  6. Shilajit is also recommended to boost sexual health and performance.
  7. It is also taken for enhancing physical performance and even meditative and spiritual practices.
  8. It is also taken as a supplement to boost immune system.
  9. It is used by men to invigorate, cure impotence and treat premature ejaculation.
  10. It is also used to cure thyroid dysfunction and urinary tract problems.

shilajit capsules, shilajit supplement, best anti ageing, best anti aging, anti ageing, anti agingThough this herb is widely used by the people in the mountainous area for its various health benefits but it is taken in the form of supplements in various urban areas. Various kinds of Shilajit capsules are available. It is mostly taken in the form of supplement in the Asian region. They are widely recommended by the medical practioners because of the innumerable benefits that it carries.

Some of the benefits because of which Shilajit capsules are very popular in the medical field are :

  • It is a natural ageing product and also helps in a great deal to increase the immunity.
  • It is beneficial for increasing the strength of the body and increase the stamina of the body for mental and physical work.
  • It is highly recommended for the people at their old age.
  • These capsules are natural aphrodisiac; it enhances the quality and quantity of sperms.
  • It is considered the best anti oxidant supplements.
  • Shilajit capsule is one of the best energy boosting natural supplement.



No side effects! Free Shipping and Handling Worldwide!

Quantity – Per bottle contains 60 capsules

Dosage and How to Take – Each Shilajit capsule contains 500 mg and the recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily. So, 1 capsule twice daily, 1/2 hr. after meals is recommended.

Shilajit as herbal remedy for general body weakness and chronic fatigue

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chronic fatigueWeakness and fatigue are group of nonspecific symptoms, not diseases. Both fatigue and weakness brings the same symptoms. It is difficult to differentiate between the two. Sometime the muscles become fatigued during exhausting exercise routine or a hectic day. This happens for a short time and usually temporary. By relaxing the body one can get rid of fatigue.

Fatigue is a multidimensional symptom which affects everybody in a different way as it involves physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. Generally it is a vague sense of hindrance in well being along with extreme tiredness resulting difficultly in performing ordinary routine tasks. Physical fatigue is generally seen at the end of the day due to a hectic schedule where as an emotional fatigue is more striking in the morning as a result of disturbed and hindered sleep. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a long-term mental and physical fatigue with symptoms such as muscular pain, recurrent headaches, joints pain, tenderness in lymph nodes, loses interest in doing daily activities, weak memory and concentration. Mental illness like depression can lead to constant feeling of fatigue; the body becomes lethargic.

General weakness is merely a symptom of other illness. Usually it is seen as an overall tiredness with a number of different sicknesses. It makes a person unfeasible to participate in any kind of physical activity because of lack of physical strength. The temporary illness may be due to over exerting, poor diet, improper sleep, medical conditions like cold and fever, jaundice, heart diseases, anemia, cancer etc. extra effort is required to perform daily routine. If weakness in muscles or any part of the body persists for a long time then it indicate some disease. The weakness is of two types neuromuscular and non-neuromuscular. In the first, the muscular strength is less so more effort is required where as in the later one, the actual muscular strength is normal but the person feels to exert more force like in chronic fatigue syndrome. Both the weakness and fatigue might last for a long period in persons who use muscles improperly.

Shilajit has been used as an ayurvedic drug since long time. It also works wonder as an effective herbal remedy for chronic fatigue. Shilajit in pure form is safe for humans and regarded as wonderful gift of Mother Nature to mankind to live life with a new zeal. According to ayurvedic classics Shilajit possess ‘ushan virya’ means ‘hot potency’. It have ruksha (dry) and laghu (light) properties; having katu (pungent), tikta (bitter) and kashaya (astringent) rasa (taste). It suppresses vata as well as kapha and balances pitta. These all enables it to work at cellular level and maintains equilibrium between catabolism and anabolism. After consumption, shilajit capsules of Planet Ayurveda are metabolized slowly in the body and its concentration in the blood reaches at maximum level after 12-14 hours of consumption.



No side effects! Free Shipping and Handling Worldwide!

Quantity – Per bottle contains 60 capsules

Dosage and How to Take – Each Shilajit capsule contains 500 mg and the recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily. So, 1 capsule twice daily, 1/2 hr. after meals is recommended.

In Ayurveda shilajit is considered as ‘Yogvahi’ means it acts as a catalyst for promoting properties of other herbs. It increases bioavailability of herbs in the body. Traditionally it is used to enhance immune system, nervous system, urinary system and to increase strength and acts as an immunostimulant. Preparations out of shilajit also considered to be very helpful in many health issues and it works really well in form of herbal remedy for weakness. Studies have proven its ability to combat physical and mental stress (main cause of lethargy and tiredness). When used in conditions like fractures, the recovery is achieved in short period. In chronic fatigue and neuromuscular weakness the degeneration of muscles and bones is reduced with the regular use of Shilajit with milk. Shilajit capsules are effective in symptoms due to a stressful job such as backache along with neck pain. It is very effective to recover strength in the patients weakness due to some chronic ailment. Shilajit is very useful for persons living or going at high attitudes. Shilajit have a potential to treat symptoms at high attitude such as headache, weakness, loss of coordination and memory, disorientation along with decreased level of consciousness. The person suffering from mental stress, anxiety and depression recover very soon if they use Shilajit capsules of Planet Ayurveda.

Fulvic acid is an active principle of Shilajit along with 18 minerals in their ionic forms. Shilajit promotes energy production in the body as it modulates hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis by supporting and retention of mitochondrial functioning and activity. Normalize the complicated enzyme mechanism at cellular level.

Shilajit capsules are also effective in diseases like :

  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Acute mountain sickness
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s diseases
  • High-altitude pulmonary edema
  • High-altitude cerebral edema
  • Guillain barr syndrome
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