SHILAJIT – Constituents, Origin, Benefits & Properties

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ShilajitShilajit is a blackish- brown exudation, of variable consistency obtained from steep rocks. It is found in Himalayas. It is also known as Silajit, Salajeet or Mumijo. It is a sticky tar like substance. Shilajit colour ranges from white to dark brown. Sometimes it is also found in Caucasus Mountains, Tibet mountains and mountains of Pakistan.

In Sanskrit it is known as ‘shilajit’ which means “rock invincible”. This substance is mentined in the works of Aristotle and Avicenna as a remedy with antiseptic. It is an anti aging block buster. The use and existence of shilajit was a closely guarded seceret of the yogis of Himalayas. It is considered as a God’s gift. An ancient Vedic text, called CHARAKA SAMHITA states that there is no curable disease in the universe, which is not cured by shilajit. It contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, Vitamins, Fulvic acid. The fulvic acid in shilajit is in its most natural and purest form. It is required to transport the minerals deep into the cells and dilate the cell walls.


Shilajit is a concentrated historic plant life from the Himalayan region. The plants absorbed various nutrients and minerals from the soil to form rich and green vegetation. The remains of such plant lives in the specific climatic conditions and the altitude of Himalayas formed the mineral pitch known as the shilajit.


  • Antioxidant Properties – It promotes cellular respiration which would normally lead to oxidation and it also inhibits damage from oxidation. It is its unique and powerful antiaging property.
  • Antibacterial Properties – On the contact, the substance destroys common pathogenic microbe strains.
  • Shilajit can be given to females to have regular menstrual cycle.
  • It helps the body to regulate fat metabolism.
  • It is used as a best sex tonic and useful in premature ejaculation.
  • Alcohol withdrawal – When shilajit mixed with some other herbs seems to be effective in reducing alcohol withdrawal anxiety.
  • Controls diabetes and blood sugar levels – It maintains healthy levels of blood glucose and lipid profile.
  • Immune Benefits – It is nonspecific stimulator off the immune system.
  • Cognition enhancing benefits -It promotes learning, memory and cerebral activity.
  • Shilajit could be used for controlling pain in some situations.
  • Anti allergic – Shilajit can have anti-allergic properties.
  • Energy Production – It activates mitochondrial respiration on a cellular level and contributes to the long-lasting energy.
  • Tissue regeneration – It is used for the regeneration of broken bones. It also helpful in the regeneration of damaged tissue in the body.

Shilajit Antioxidant properties are also verified by science. In an article called: “Antilipid Peroxidative Property of Shilajit” the researchers demonstrated that shilajit inhibits lipid peroxidation induced by cumene hydroperoxide and ADP/FE.

shilajit properties


Shilajit Capsules are nature’s Best anti-aging supplement. Planet Ayurveda shilajit capsules are made from world’s best quality pure shilajit. The contents of fulvic acid, humic acid are higest in our shilajit capsules. These capsules contains 500 mg standardized extract of raw shilajit which make it more beneficial in small doses. It do not have any side effects. Our capsules do not contain any kind of preservatives, synthetic chemicals. The certificate of analysis of our shilajit capsules is available. Our shilajit capsules are free from impurities, synthetic chemicals and drugs. Before the manufacturing of shilajit capsules we check each and every batch of shilajit raw material. This makes our shilajit capsules one of the best quality capsules. The capsules shells are all vegetarian. Kosher and halal certified made from plant cellulose. The results are seen after the use of these capsules within few days.



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2 Capsules twice daily with plain water or with milk after meals.


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How to Test Shilajit Authenticity and Purity at Home?

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ShilajitShilajit is a herbo mineral compound found in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. It is highly beneficial with so many medicinal benefits. But, it has become highly important to test the authenticity and purity of Shilajit. This is because; so many US based products are labeled as “shilajit” these days. The real one needs to be tested properly. Most of them have either or all of the following limitations.

• They are of low quality
• They are though real but have chemicals or fillers in them.
• They have no Shilajit at all
• They are actually made of similar substances like ozokerite or mummyo.

Reasons of Fake Shilajit Products

These days, it has become very difficult to find out the real Shilajit. This is because of the following reasons.
• It is highly beneficial for treating the male sexual problems easily.
• It is one of the important Ayurvedic products to treat various medical complications easily.
• It is very expensive
• It is the rarest material in the planet earth.

Important Benefits of Shilajit

• Fulvic Acid is the major constituent of Shilajit. This component is highly beneficial for the treatment of several diseases and psychological disorders.
• It contains a lot of iron. This makes it highly beneficial for enhancing the libido and sexual desire. It is a superb way to treat the sexual complications in males easily.
• It treats several difficult complications like diabetes, blood sugar, cardiological problems and others.
• It provides a wonderful remedy for treating premature ageing.



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Tips to Test Shilajit Authenticity and Purity

The purity and authenticity of Shilajit can be tested by the following methods. These methods help one to distinguish whether the Shilajit is 100 percent authenticated and pure.


When a particular amount of Shilajit is dissolved in water or milk, it gets dissolved in it completely leaving behind the trace of golden black colored tar liquid. If the paste of Shilajit does not dissolve completely, be sure that the compound is not original and pure.


Pure Shilajit always remains in its original form. It gets melted in the hands and becomes sticky. Also, if it is placed in the refrigerator, the Shilajit becomes extremely hard. It will shatter just like a glass, if it is struck with the hammer. But, while carrying out these processes, make sure to keep it in the plastic bag to prevent its loss of this valuable herbal formulation.


Shilajit will not burn as a candle or light in fire. If Shilajit is heated with mini torch, it forms bubble and gives rise to ash, which emanates outward. But, it won’t get burned. If it forms smoke, it is not original Shilajit. If it does not form smoke, it is Shilajit.


It is advised not to trust the powdered form of Shilajit. Most of these powdered forms have 2 to 30 percent of Shilajit. They are not pure in form. Also, they contain additional chemicals, preservatives and additives.

Great Taste

Pure Shilajit if consumed with milk, it has the taste of the black coffee. If it gives the taste of something else, then it is for sure not the pure Shilajit.

These are some of the essential tips to test the authenticity and purity of Shilajit. Make it a point to follow these tips strictly before using the Shilajit to enjoy all the medical benefits of this herbo-mineral compound.

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